Founder – Melissa Gale, MBACP and Accredited Instructor with MHFA England:

Good Health is a treasured gift and we need to take care of it.

It concerns me hugely that increasingly in society today so many people continue to struggle with their overall wellbeing and increasingly so this is happening to our young people too.  It is often the case that current struggles have been influenced by our earlier years and also life’s increasing demands.  Commonly these include: Home-life, Work-life, School-life and Societal expectations. 

I will be 50 in 2021 and during my previous years in Recruitment and in recent years in Counselling and through Instructing Mental Health First Aid, I have been inspired and humbled by the many insights gained into the world of others, their personal challenges, stories and struggles experienced. And more importantly how they have found their way to over come, minimise and or manage those struggles.

Like my clients, like you and like me, we all have a mix of good and not such good times.  Everyone has a story to tell and each story is unique to each person (their history, their circumstances, environment, support etc).

I have always had a passion for health and wellbeing, although I have not always had great health  – in my 20’s I lived with an invisible and very misunderstood illness ME/CFS (following a bout of flu).  As an organic illness, it impacted me harshly – loss of a job, life as I knew it & social interactions – it took several years to recover and during that time the experience contributed to anxieties of an unknown & judged future.  However, I did always ‘fight’ & believe I’d be well again and fully recovered to manage a very full & demanding career, having twins (working full time) and be in great health. 

The beauty of now being older are the lessons learnt from life’s up and downs and knowing that it’s never too late to make changes, to feel better and be better in ourselves (young and older), at home, work, school and within our families. 

Whatever our experiences I truly believe that when we are ready and if we want to, with a bit of help, we can find our way to have a happy, well and fulfilled life, with enhanced relationships and successful careers