• 4 million people were referred to the NHS Mental Health therapy in the previous year (Dec 2017 NHS report) and 792 million people are affected by mental health issues worldwide (according to Our World in Data).
  • Counselling can be very powerful and helpful.  With empathy, compassion and understanding, it provides the opportunity for you to unravel and understand what is going on for you, to make sense of things and be able to work through your worries and concerns. 

Are you experiencing difficulties, fighting a constant internal battle within yourself?  And for whatever reason you feel unable to share or disclose your concerns with family friends, or colleagues?  A counselling relationship can support you to understand and make sense of things.  As your counsellor my intention is to ‘walk alongside you’ – understand your world, question the status quo with you, help you find your way to know that you have choices and ultimately be able to trust in your own decision making process, from within.

Client work to date has covered a variety of difficulties: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship problems, Panic Attacks, Alchohol, Sexuality, Bereavement, Managing Health difficulties, Work issues, Confidence, Worklifebalance and more.

Career/Mentoring Coaching

Are you happy at work? Is your job fulfilling? Recently made redundant? Seeking a new job? Returning to work? Being unhappy at work and negatively stressed on a day to day basis can significantly impact your health.

“Results of a survey carried out by Personal Group has revealed that only 41 percent of the workforce are happy most of the time at work” …..A mere 41 percent of employees are happy most of the time at work; 26 percent are rarely/ almost never happy. Over the past three years, employees seem to be getting unhappier in the workplace. Compared to 41 percent in 2019 and 43 percent in 2018, 51 percent were happy at work most of the time back in 2017. (Survey 2019)”

Much of my working career has been around helping and supporting people find work – talking to 1000s of people, listening and understanding their personal circumstances.  With over ten year’s experience, I can provide a wealth of knowledge, skills and insight to help you work out the next ‘right’ steps for you.

Recommendations / Quotes

“Like lots of people, 2020 and 2021 were tricky years for me in terms of bereavement and struggling with a difficult job situation, anxiety, stress and depression. However, I am I so glad I found Melissa, and I’m very grateful for her calm, kind and warm presence throughout these difficult months. Thanks in no small part to her help, I am not only feeling much calmer and happier in myself now, but have come to understand why I felt this way, and learn strategies and ways of coping with challenges that may or may not arise in the future. I would highly recommend her as a counsellor – thank you very much again Melissa.” Client / Dec 21 

“Melissa is highly talented and passionate about helping people in their professional and personal lives. As a counsellor and therapist, she has been a tremendous support recently by also providing career advice and guidance about how to navigate my return to work following maternity leave and meeting the demands of a new career. As a new mum, I have found the prospect of returning to work emotionally overwhelming and Melissa has helped me to re think my approach of how I manage this and balance family life with the demands and expectations that work can bring. Melissa has a natural ability to really connect, understand, listen and communicate with people in a caring and warm manner and she comes highly recommended for her professionalism” – Joanna, General Practice Nurse in Training, BSc (Hons)

“She listened to what I wanted…I can’t recommend her enough” Anonymous

“Melissa is easy to talk to …..knowledgeable about lifelong learning, work life balance, health, wellness and counselling” Anonymous