Opening up conversations about Mental Health in a Fun way – with Campaigner Nicolas Jemetta

This is such an uplifting Episode that is sure to bring a smile and provide you with inspiration.  Nicholas shares insight into his own experience of mental health difficulties as a young man in the 80s and how he was able to work through some tough times with the help and support of good (and now life long) friends.  And because of his own experience, he is so very passionate about helping others to feel better and be able to open up conversations around mental health and wellbeing.    From early 2020 unbeknown to Nicholas an amazing journey was about to unfold – from Fancy Dress Friday fun time with his children dressing up to a Joe Wicks work out to sitting in on work meetings and daily activities as a Fancy Dress Super Hero, Film star and other surprising fun characters within the work-place, bringing much needed joy to work colleagues, to friends and within his community.   

Nicholas has been raising £1000s and continues to raise money for 6 charities close to his heart (some local / national), one of which is the NHS (see justgiving). 

Perhaps unsurprisingly these uplifting & fundraising activities during 2020 and into 2021 attracted much media attention which included Nicholas joining Zoe Ball on Radio 2 and BBC Breakfast live to million of viewers.  


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